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A Wedding With Batman Costumes

Over the past few years, more and more people that are getting married are choosing themed weddings. Some of them get hitched in a forest with everyone dressed in medieval clothes. Others might opt for a science fiction feel and get everyone to wear Star Wars outfits. It might all sound a bit silly to you but if you both like something then it can be really nice to use it as a theme for your big day. You can also be sure that it will make your wedding a very memorable one, not just to you, but to everyone else who is there as well.

A friend of mine recently got married with everyone wearing Batman costumes. He and his wife both have a great love of comics and have a soft spot for the Dark Knight in particular. As it is a mutual interest that they share the idea of the bride, groom and guests dressing up in Batman costumes made their day really special. Whilst he wore the outfit of the Caped Crusader himself, she dressed up as Catwoman. The only rule for guests with their choice of dress was that no two people were the same character as anyone else. You might think that it would be difficult to find a large enough variety of villains and fellow superheroes just based around batman costumes but you would be surprised at the selection that have appeared in the pages of the comic over the years.

Not everyone at the wedding was a great fan of superheroes, but I got the distinct impression that all of the people there thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It is amazing what a difference it can make to some people when you dress them in batman costumes… The whole thing was really good fun and the photographs came out brilliantly. I think that it was a day that will stick in the mind of everyone who was invited.

Wearing batman costumes for your big day might not be something that really appeals to you, but don’t dismiss the idea of a themed wedding itself. There are all sorts of things that you could work around that would be more in touch with you and your partner. If you do fancy having a themed wedding then think of something that you would both like to have. Start off with a simple idea and use it as a starting point. Remember that this is your special day and that you both want to enjoy it.

There are lots of companies that supply not only fancy dress outfits, but who actually specialize in themed weddings. If you go on the net and have a look at the websites of some companies then you will soon see that there is a huge choice available. Whatever theme you both decide on having, you will be hard pushed to think of anything that cannot be catered for. Do give a brief consideration to batman costumes though… It really was very good fun.

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