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Designing a Wedding Monogram

Monograms are one of the loveliest ways to personalize your wedding. They can be used to customize everything from the invitations to the linens to the dance floor, and will have a big impact on the style of your wedding. This is what you need to know to design the perfect wedding monogram for your special day.

The first thing to think about is style. The really fun part about a custom monogram is that it can be as traditional or unique as you like. If you are a brides who loves the classics like white roses and pearl bridal jewelry sets, you can opt for an equally classic monogram design. (In fact, you can even embellish things like the train of your bridal gown with your monogram stitched with row upon row of tiny pearl to coordinate with those timeless jewelry sets.) However, these days monograms are not reserved for formal weddings; they can be just as wonderful for contemporary or earthy weddings.

There are several main factors that make up a monogram. The first one is the initials that you would like to use. Most traditional and formal would be a design that places the first letter of the couple’s last name in the center in a large size, flanked by the first letter of the bride’s name on the left and the groom’s first initial on the right. In this scenario, if Mary Jones were to wed Robert Frank, their combined monogram would be MFR, with the F rendered in a larger type size than the other two letters.

This obviously assumes that the bride plans to take the groom’s name. If not, there are some other options to consider. Although four letters can be a little harder to integrate, it is possible to create a monogram using the first and last letters of the bride and groom’s names. For example, if Mary Jones was keeping her last name, the monogram would read MJFR. Again, the groom’s first initial goes on the right, and the letters representing the surnames would be larger than those for the first names.

A third possibility is to create a monogram with just the initials of the bride and groom’s first names. This can be especially cute when they both have the same first letter, like Jessica and John would be J&J. The letters can be combined in a variety of styles. A diagonal stacking would be dynamic and interesting. They could be written in a very fancy script with lots of intertwined flourishes. Or they could be presented in a chic and simple sans-serif font side by side.

Speaking of the font, it will have the biggest impact on your wedding monogram stylistically. The most formal font would be a traditional ornate script. A more simple cursive is pretty but more legible. Then there are the contemporary options for lettering. The bold look of sans-serif letters is very modern and less feminine. Or think about using something very unique that suits the theme of your wedding, such as letters made to look like they are created from branches and vines for an outdoor wedding. Once the basic design is complete, you can have fun layering in the colors and accents that will make your wedding monogram completely unique.

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