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Your Medieval Wedding Fashions

Perhaps she first caught your eye dressed in SCA garb, or maybe he looked dashing in his SCA armor. It could be that you were both wearing Renaissance costumes and enjoying a stroll through your local Faire when he captured your heart. Since then, time has passed and you’re ready to tie the knot. If you’re a fan of olden times, perhaps you’re thinking of having a medieval wedding.

If so, you’re not alone. More couples than ever are celebrating the beginning of their life together in full Renaissance costumes. And even the guests are getting in on the act, playing their parts and dressing in period garb. If your nuptials will have a medieval flair, you need the proper clothing and accessories. Here are some guidelines to get you started.

For Him

One of the most romantic looks for the groom is a cotton lace-up wedding shirt. For extra elegance, look for a shirt with rows of tiny tucks going down the sleeves and below the lace-up front. The shirts usually come in natural, black, and white, so he can wear the color appropriate to the season and time of day of your wedding. If he prefers a button front or you want a greater selection of colors, you can find a wedding shirt replete with tiny tucks that has three buttons going down the neckline. These shirts are often available in navy, grey, brown, mustard, teal, plum, wine, and forest green – one of which is sure to go with your wedding color scheme.

As for pants, depending on the season and time of day, you can opt for long twill breeches or knee-length twill breeches. The former are baggy, and usually feature both a button front and a drawstring at the waist, as well as drawstring cuffs. As the name implies, knee-length twill breeches have cuffs that tie just below the knee. You can typically buy them in a wide variety of colors, such as royal blue, tan, black, burgundy, or forest green.

For Her

For the Renaissance bride, it starts with the chemise. There are a wide variety of styles from which to choose, but one that’s popular features sheer fabric that has demi sleeves and a sweetheart rose at the center of the neckline. For a more formal touch, there are chemises that feature extraordinarily long, hanging sheer sleeves and a gathered neckline. Similarly, a chemise with metallic gold trim at the square neckline is eye-catching.

As for your gown, you can go with something as simple as a cotton twill surcoat or as ornate as an Irish dress with a fleur-de-lis brocade bodice. You may even want to create your own gown; if so, there are numerous patterns from which you can choose.

For Both of You

If you’re planning a medieval wedding, you’ll also need the proper accessories. Dragons symbolize passion, monogamy, and love, so incorporating dragons into the ceremony or reception is wonderfully appropriate. Perhaps you’d like to wear a dragon double heart pendant, or you would like to use two dragon goblets for your toast.

If you’re having a traditional ceremony, you’ll most likely need handfasting cords, which will be used to bind you and your beloved’s hands together with each promise you make to one another.

With the right planning, there are many ways to incorporate Renaissance themes and costumes into your special day. Celebrate with gusto!

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