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Why a Winter Wedding

Many brides—especially those in New England—envision a summer or fall wedding when they think of their special day. As booking rates and prices will reveal,  summer and fall are indeed the high season for New England weddings, but smart brides consider the advantages of a winter wedding as well.


There’s Less Competition: By booking your wedding in a less busy season, you’ll reap the benefits. There are fewer brides booking vendors, so you’ll be more likely to book your top choice, even if you’re planning less than a year out. Plus, some venues will discount their prices during the off-season to encourage couples to book during the winter, whereas during the busy season, they may be more inflexible.


The Décor is Built-In: If you’re getting married around the holidays, many venues will be decked out with Christmas trees, cornucopias or other seasonal decorations, meaning you’ll be spending less on flowers and rentals. And while it’s not a guarantee, snow makes for some of the world’s most beautiful backdrops possible.


Your Guests Won’t Have Wedding Fatigue: During “wedding season,” many people spend their entire summer attending weddings—and eventually they all blur together. By having your wedding “out of season,” you’ll stand out, not only because the entire style of your wedding will be different, but also because most of your guests will have some distance from the other weddings they’ve attended.


‘Tis The Season: …for hot apple cider, hot chocolate, and delicious gingerbread desserts. While these things may seem out of place at a warm-weather wedding, during the winter, your guests will be grateful to warm up at a hot chocolate bar or sip on a peppermint martini. The season gives you creative license like no other does!


You Get to Honeymoon in the Cold Weather: Perhaps one of the only drawbacks of a tropical honeymoon after a summer wedding is the fact that you’re leaving one warm climate for another. By honeymooning after your winter wedding, you’ll be doubly glad, not only to have your first getaway as a married couple, but also to get out of the cold winter weather.


You Can Get Creative with Your Photos: Winter hats, cuddly fur stoles, cozy boots under your dress, a mistletoe or snowball fights are just a few things that come to mind as winter photo opportunities. With a little pre-planning, you can pose next to a bride and groom snowman or with an old-fashioned sled. While flowers and gardens are gorgeous, there is something extra warm about love blooming in the cold winter.



Glen Cooper is an award-winning photojournalist living in the Boston area.  He is also an instructor at the prestigious New England School of Photography. Glen Cooper & Asha Ramakrishna are a husband & wife wedding photography team. He is the award winning wedding photojournalists and Asha makes sure each client’s vision is materialized in the photos, album and overall art.  If you are getting married this winter, you may be eligible for free wedding photography.  Write to us for information.  Put “winter special” in the subject line! To view examples of Glen’s wedding work in a photojournalistic style,  please visit

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