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Which Ways To Be Personalized Wedding Favors – Give Koozies

One of the most magical time in our life is wedding, not only for happy bride and groom but also for their families and friends. This is a special day to celebrate such as joyous event. If you are going to put a wedding reception together, most party planners know that you need support for each guest left on their tables. Why don’t you make everyone laugh or give them a wonderful memory by leaving giving guests foam koozies that are personalized wedding favors.


This makes a great conversation piece, as well as something the guests will be able to tote home with them and use over and over. Since most online shops allow for low minimum orders, you can get a variety of customized koozies and have different ones at the tables. On the back of each you can put a nice little personal message such as “Thanks for sharing out special day” and have the date and the bride and grooms’ names.


We will list some fun and also serious quotations which you can add to the front of the personalized wedding favors. You even add a note of thanks as your verse or saying.


1. “Another one bites the dust!”


2. “Love is a many splendid thing.”


3. “Thank you so much for sharing our special day.”


4. “Partners in love, partner for life.


5. “True bliss is marrying your best friend.”


Of course, you can also select different colors and screen printing colors, as well as adding graphics and different font types. Many companies now have metallic looking colors to make your customized koozies even more special and unique.


If your reception is outdoors, and you are serving cold beverages from bottles, you can also order bottle koozies. They print area is not as large of course as the can sleeves, however, you should still be able to get quite a lot of customizing done to have it meet your expectations.


In case you do not know what a koozie is, it is typically foam or neoprene cylinder shaped sleeve, that one will put on their can or bottle. They act as an insulator to keep your beverage cool, and some are made to keep it warm. They come in many styles, shapes, and colors. These can be customized with your own artwork or with pre-made art. Most places allow for low minimum orders and the best thing of all, these will be very inexpensive personalized wedding favors that your guests will love.


Check out the great selection of personalized wedding favors and the different types of wedding Koozies you can get for your guests.

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