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Wedding Planning Tips

The guide on how to get started.

I just recently helped a friend plan her daughter’s wedding. When they asked me I thought “No big deal, this is going to be a cinch.” Well I did not have much time to plan. They asked me in June and the wedding was in October. I was expecting my fourth child in July, so I didn’t really start planning until August. I want to give you some helpful hints.

First of all order the invitations. Make sure you have the guest list finalized. They need to be mailed out one month before the wedding. Some people do two months, but one is plenty of time. The dress I think will be the easiest. You just know when you see the right one. Schedule plenty of dress fittings. The more you try on the better chance you have to find the right one. Tell the groom to take care of his outfit. It is a good idea to pick the brides maid dresses and the groomsmen outfits. Let the wedding party know what you have picked so they can make arrangements to get them.

The food is very important. Pick your caterer and make an appointment to go over the menu. Have the drinks included. Beer and wine are always less expensive then hard alcohol.

The cake is the fun part. Call the different bakeries in you area and set up test tasting appointments. Know in advance what you want and that will save some time. Be creative, the cake and your dress is what everyone will remember.

Flowers should be fun. Think outside the box. Not all weddings have to have roses. Go with a florist who can do exactly what you want.

Just remember make a list give yourself a deadline and stick to it. This is a day you will never forget. It needs to have some interesting details. Give the guests a neat remembrance to take home with them. Not just your traditional matches. Do shot glasses with your names on them or wine corks. Have fun with it.

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