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Wedding Planner Job

Event planning is a popular business to start. There are a variety of events you can plan, and you can have a full calendar of work year-round. Planning these festive and social activities can be fun and rewarding – but finding clients may be the most challenging part of event planning jobs. Below are three effective and low-cost ways to get a consistent flow of new customers to your business.

Once the venue is selected, you have to select the type of decoration you want for your wedding. Keep in mind that having a wedding ceremony during day time will lower the cost of extra lighting. Now determine the number of people you want to invite and get wedding cards printed accordingly. Dispatch the wedding cards about two weeks before. The number of guests will determine your expenditure on food. Now you have to select a perfect menu which should include: refreshment and main course.

Even if you have the perfect skill-set for becoming a wedding planner, you’re going to have to get some experience. A good place to start is either to assist another professional wedding planner, or at least to get a job at a catering business. While it may not be very glamorous to be part of the catering staff, walking around offering people hors d’oeuvres, this will give you tremendous insight into the nuts and bolts of how parties and events work. It will be very valuable experience for when you are managing the whole show.

As you gain a little bit more experience, and you begin your first job, it’s very important that you spell out exactly what your responsibilities are and what they are not with your client. The time-honored way to do this is through a written contract. If possible, get your hands on another wedding planner’s work contract, and use that as a rough draft for your own. It’s also an extremely good idea to have a lawyer look over your contract, just in case something goes wrong. That way if you do end up in court or in dispute, you’ll know that you have solid legal footing.

Do you think you have what it takes to be an event planner? Many can not imagine that there is more than just being glamorous. Are you creative, do you have organizational skills and I can mention many more but the fact is that beyond being your dream to be an event consultant you need to ask are you a people person? This is a business where you will give service to your client; and the client will always be right even if you think they are not because this is a business where you are going to fulfill other peoples dream.

Ask as many questions as possible before leaving your steady job; also ask yourself if this is really a passion of yours. Maybe you might be interested to start it as a hobby and work your way into a full time business. This way you can ease yourself into it and you will not disappoint anyone including yourself if it turns out that this field of work is not for you. Test the waters first by helping to plan your family and friends events to see if that might be a good career move for you.

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