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If you live in Toronto and are planning a wedding, make it a point to find yourself the best photographer you can afford. This is as important as any other arrangement you make for the festive occasion.

One thing that almost every wedding on Earth has in common, irrespective of culture, financial situation, or remoteness of people living in any part of the world is, in some way, to record the precious moments of the wedding ceremony and celebration for future enjoyment; to prolong the moments, and to recapture the feelings you experienced. Flowers may be pressed, the wedding dress may be packed away carefully for daughters and even granddaughters to wear in their turn. Jewellery, garters, ties, champagne corks, and adornments for the hair or head..all sorts of things that have special meaning for the bride or groom. However, nothing captures the essence of the joy of the day like photographs.

Videos and photographs hold the treasure store of your memories. Your wedding day passes so quickly. The emotions of the day last a lifetime as long as they are kept alive. You may be passing quite a mundane, ordinary day years later, but take out the photo album, and immediately the flood of feelings hit you. You are back to your wedding day; the heart pounding; nerves taught and a bubble of excitement in your throat. Those moments of great happiness and joy are the stimulants that people crave like for a drug, except that in this case they have no harmful effect, only pleasant memories. The mundane day is no longer a mundane day but a very bright day indeed.

When your photographer captures these special wedding moments for you, it isnt only you who will benefit from them. Family and friends will be able to keep a record of the day for themselves and for relatives and friends of theirs. Mothers, aunts and grandmothers, especially, love to have photos to show [and brag about] in their albums or brag books. These will be very precious to them, and even more so when the additions of pictures of their babies and childrencome later to add to the others.

While videos capture the mood and spirit of the wedding, one doesnt always have the time, except on special days, such as holidays or anniversaries, to settle down and go through them. On the other hand, a flick of the wrist opens a photograph album, or a glance at a wall, where a favourite photograph is framed, brings it all back in a moment.

Your photographs are frozen memories for you to bequeath to your children and your childrens children. These heirlooms will become as important to them as any material items they inherited from you, and possibly more so. Long after you are gone, your descendants will ponder in curiosity about where they came from. They will look at your photographs and perhaps see from whom they inherited some of their looks, and wonder at the quaint, old fashioned clothing and hairstyles. All this gives people a sense of roots and belonging.

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