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Wedding Jewelry – Five Reasons to Consider Custom Design

Once the bride has found the dress of her dreams she can cross that task off of her seemingly endless checklist, but the decision on her attire opens up more decisions to be made. Once the bride has her gown picked out the next step to completing her ensemble is to pick out her bridal jewelry. Considering custom design jewelry for the big day has many advantages and should be thought of as an option.

1. Unique- Like the dress, the jewelry paired with it can say a lot about the wearer. By having jewelry specially designed more can be taken into consideration than when purchasing mass-produced jewelry from a store. Custom jewelry is one-of-a-kind and can allow for the attire and personality of the wearer to be put into the piece. The impact of the attire can be increased with stunning and unique accessories and, the jewelry can reflect the wearer’s personality whether it’s fun and flashy, simple and elegant, or anywhere in between.

2. Coordinate- A great thing about having jewelry specially designed is the allowance for closely coordinating with the gown. Colors can be easily matched or complimented and the style of the outfit can be coordinated with the jewelry. If the bride has a beaded design on her dress a piece of jewelry can be made to coordinate with those beads and their design. This also allows for coordinating with the bridesmaids attire.

3. Quality- When working with a jewelry designer a standard of quality for the piece of jewelry can be established. This way, there is control when picking out the components of the piece to ensure that they meet the purchaser’s choice of quality. By having a piece of jewelry that is made with quality beads and metal, the jewelry will last and look its best for longer. Higher quality metals won’t tarnish either at all or as quickly as lower quality metals and, higher quality beads, like Swarovski Crystal, freshwater pearls, or gemstones, will increase the apparent worth of the piece of jewelry.

4. Memento- Bridal jewelry is something the bride wants to keep forever. It’s something that she can easily wear again (unlike the bridal gown) and is something that serves as a keepsake to remind her of the special and beautiful day of her marriage.

5. Gift- Whether the jewelry is a gift to the bride or the bride’s gift to her bridesmaids or other attendants, the fact that the jewelry was designed especially for them will make the gift even more memorable and special. There’s something to be said for personalized gifts, and what better a way than a personalized piece of jewelry that’s tied to such a wonderful and momentous day?

Lindsey Bunnow is a custom jewelry designer who has a strong passion for creating personalized, affordable, and beautiful jewelry. Her experience ranges from working for a bridal retailer to designing and creating the jewelry for her own wedding.

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