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Wedding in Tuscany!

Life as a single is incredibly enjoyable for many reasons, but last month, the benefits of marriage were made crystal clear to me……Or maybe it was just the emotion evoked by what is no doubt the best wedding I’ve ever attended.

Ignoring all the elements of a wedding that should be present, obvious, apparent, the experience itself was on another level. I now understand why for some their local comune or city hall with pub reception afterwords may not cut it and why one may strive for something beyond the general church/bland catering circuit.

This villa in Tuscany was really the ideal backdrop to a marriage long in the making, and as happy as I was for my friend, I was even happier in attendance.

She really had the right idea, and I’ve noted the growing popularity in renting fabulous Tuscan villas for any occasion, romantic, touristic, or any other reason. Especially starting last spring one can find fabulous deals, often rivaling big name hotels and delivering more in freedom than any other accommodation can offer. Sure, one relinquishes the concierge service or even the help of a receptionist, but for the independant traveler on a budget looking for a different expierence, this may truly be the way to go. Or even the traveler wanting only day trips into town but simply hoping to find parking after a hard day’s sightseeing.

Easily reachable from both Montepulciano and Pienza, we were by no means in the middle of nowhere and still more than able to visit lovely historic towns on our shopping sprees for local delicacies.

Apparently, as a nice person booked our 3rd day explained, olive oil is NOT just a condiment to be poured over salad unscrupulously with little care to amount and flavor…..I knew this, but it’s hard to truly absorb back in the States with your choices of glass bottle and plastic. No, the olive oil can add just as much to the salad as the ingredients themselves and this is the region to truly lap that up.

Add the lessons in olive oil to not only wine tastings that our company booked, but the wine itself, and mix the wine and salad and you can begin getting the gist of my fabulous pre-siesta lunches that week.

Not to mention the breathtaking views, pool, and absolutely inspiring grounds we had free run of all week, able to just swim, paint, write, draw, cook, and wander to our hearts content without even going into town.

Whether specific to Le Macchie or not, these were all absolutely magical aspects of staying at a villa outside town rather than being crammed into a small B&B in the center of town, or even a 5 star hotel offering a multitude of services but not as many experiences. Part of the beauty of visiting other countries is seeing how the locals actually live, and Le Macchie truly provided this opportunity. It also opened our eyes, hearts, and camera lenses up to spectacular countryside we may not have seen otherwise, things we may not have tasted otherwise, and best of all, a truly relaxing/romantic/tranquil stay in absolutely astounding countryside.

From the get-go, our agency was very helpful in regards to directions, ideas of things to do, and general area pointers some of us may have been lost without, and we were most grateful; plus it made us aware that despite the lack of concierge service there was someone on hand for our queries, and this definitley increased comfort levels all around.

For those seeking a slightly more independent, yet guided journey, open atmosphere, peace and quiet, pure countryside, and the ability to park, I more than recommend villa rentals in this area and am both honored and privileged to have attended one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen, with this farmhouse as a backdrop.

God bless my friends, and happy renting to all who’ve caught onto the villa idea!

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