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Wedding Giveaways for Lasting Memories

Newlyweds have been expected to prepare something for the guests after the wedding nowadays. Wedding giveaways are now a part of the wedding party.
Decide where you want to place the favors, whether it’s going to be in simple paper bag or custom made bags. Make sure to match your gift containers with the wedding theme. You can get away with a white bag if there isn’t enough time to find other theme designed bags. After choosing the bag, find a ribbon that will complement the bag which you can use to seal the bag with the wedding token inside. One of the problems with paper loot bags is they tend to break easily especially if you place something that’s a bit pointed . Guests will appreciate your gift if they can reuse the bag over and over. It is sometimes better to select a separate item for the guests.
Small bottles of lotion or creams are good selections for the women. There are also inexpensive multi-tool pliers that you can order online and have them personalized for men. There are unisex items such as scented candles, wine glasses, beer mugs, or even face towels.
Wedding themes help a lot in deciding the colors and designs of the things you will use and buy for the wedding. As long as the gifts matches your theme it’s okay to give humorous gifts. If by chance you are having a coffee themed wedding, you can give your guests mugs as tokens for their presence.
There are so many choices to choose from when it comes to wedding favors, you just have to be confident in giving them, guests will like them anyway. Some couples give their guests an idea where they will be spending their time after the wedding like giving them japanese fan if they ought to visit Japan for their honeymoon. It’s the thought that really counts in the end.

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