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Wedding Favors

What you choose as a wedding favor can be something that is reflective of your interests, the things you enjoy, or they can be a traditional gift such as chocolates or truffles. But why not get creative and let your wedding guests take home a little bit of who you are to better remember your wedding. The following are a few ideas for creative wedding favors.

Is there a hobby that interests you or your groom? For example, some people like to picnic in open fields as they travel throughout the country having picnics in exotic locations. If that’s you, then a great way to share that with people is to have a miniature picnic basket at each table filled with cheese or a recipe for the ideal picnic. Maybe you’re a photographer. If so, think of giving a photograph as a gift. It can be of a place you both have enjoyed or something else creative.

People do like food. Most people enjoy cookies, chocolates and candy. One way to make it your own is to have the cookies cut to reflect something you like or something related to the wedding. You could have the cookies cut into hearts or in the shape of a dog if you’re a dog lover. Candies can be personalized with the date of the wedding or even with the couple’s image. Some prefer to have a candy table where people can help themselves to their favorite treats.

Donations. A really nice way to share your passion is to give a donation in each guest’s name to your favorite charity. Not only does this let people know what cause is important to you, it helps out people in need instead of giving a trinket that will sit in a closet or end up in the garbage.

Saving the earth. If the environment is important to you, consider giving each guest a sapling they can plant and watch grow. Wildflower seeds are another option. These are gifts that keep on giving throughout the year and a beautiful reminder of you and your wedding.

You could also give something that’s related to a particular career, either yours or your future husbands. An artist could create a miniature rendition of a favorite work and have it copied and framed. A doctor could give ‘candy’ medicine to each table.

For those without a lot of money to spend a simple poem can be a beautiful way to give people something to remember you by. A story is another great idea. If you’re a musician, then how about a CD of your work? Give people something to talk about and enjoy long after the wedding has passed.

No matter what kind of party favor you choose, have fun with it. Celebrate your day and let people know what’s important to you. This will let them feel closer to you.

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