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Wedding Decoration With Flowers

If we are questioned, what is the origin of the decoration of any occasion with different seasonal flowers; we have only the answer that it is not a thoughtful but a natural one. No doubt the fragrance of the flowers gives a natural and spiritual happiness. Therefore to increase the happiness of a marriage occasion the flowers are regarded very supporting. And no doubt the fragrance of fresh seasonal flowers during the time of marriage ceremony provides an extra pleasure. And the presence of the flowers increases the beauty of the location. No sensible person can refute this fact. In addition to giving the fragrance the flowers decoration is the direct beauty for the sight of all the participants. Flowers decoration on the wedding is so popular that in case of non availability of fresh flowers some people use the plastic or paper flowers of different colors to decrease the deficiency to some extent. Anyhow the decoration of wedding with flowers is a necessary part of the wedding.

Marriage is a part and parcel of the life of every person having any religion. It would be right if it is not considered an occasion of happiness but only a necessary job of the life. But all over the world it is considered an occasion of happiness and celebrated zealously. All the aspects of the marriage ceremony are celebrated so sentimentally but in this article we are going to highlight only the aspects of a marriage ceremony requiring the decoration with flowers. Even at the time of betrothal, on the both sides a natural sensation of happiness is there. To promote this sensation further, the use of fresh seasonal flowers is regarded very suitable. The practice of decoration of the place with different seasonal flowers where the parties sit at the time of betrothal has been developed very much all over the world. It goes without saying that at this time (the very basic time of the marriage) the fragrance of the fresh flowers is a very good source of extra good and pleasurable feelings. Thus the bouquets of different fresh flowers supplying a delightful fragrance are placed nearby the guest party.

On the wedding day the place (home or marriage hall) where the guests are gathered can be decorated with fresh flowers. Up till the end of ceremony the environment remains beautiful. Moreover at the time of reception of bridegroom party, the flowers are used to show honor for them. It is a very much popular practice in some areas. At this time the bridegroom and his some family members and friends are garlanded with the colorful flowers, which is the symbol of warm reception and affection. Decoration of the car in use of the bridegroom with beautiful and colorful fresh flowers is also a very popular practice of some areas. Out of the vehicles in use of the wedding guests the car of the bridegroom is rendered different by decorating with the flowers. Bouquets of the flowers are also placed in the car for good sensation of the newly married couple.

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