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Wedding Bells and Pedicures Are a Match Made in Heaven

If you’re about to get married, you’ve either hired a wedding planner or you’re handling all the endless details yourself. No matter who is doing the planning, you are probably forgetting one key detail: a pedicure.

If you live in or are getting married in Vancouver, pedicures in Vancouver are available that can help you get your feet in tiptop shape for your big day. Every bride-to-be remembers to get her fingernails buffed and polished and decorated, but your feet are just as important.

By scheduling your pedicure a day or two before your wedding, you can be assured that they’ll look perfect for both your wedding and your honeymoon. Pedicures in Vancouver aren’t just about appearances, though. Pedicures are also about relaxation.

It’s hard to decide which part of a fancy pedicure is the most relaxing: the foot massage or the foot bath. If you’re nervous about your big day, a pedicure is one way to let your tension melt away. A rested bride is a happy bride.

You’ll feel extra gorgeous on your honeymoon if you’ve got professionally applied polish on your toenails. Even if he doesn’t say it, your husband will notice that you’ve paid special attention to your feet and nails. Sometimes, it’s fun to be a girl, and a pedicure is one of those times.

If your toenails will be peeking out of your bridal shoes, you’ll want to pay special attention to what color you choose for polish. You may want to choose more than one color for extra fun, or you may opt to match your wedding colors. There are no rules – just follow your heart. There are professionals who’ve done countless pedicures in Vancouver, so you’ll be in good hands.

If you’ve never had a pedicure, you’ll be in for a welcome surprise. There are scrubs, waxes, and bath products involved. All you have to do is sit back and relax while you leave the hard work to the pros!

As a gift to your bridesmaids, you may want to treat them all to pedicures in Vancouver too. They’ll not only appreciate your thoughtfulness, but they’ll also be excited to bond a little bit more before your big day. Don’t forget to bring Mom along too – after all, she’s probably almost as nervous as you are, and she could use just a little more time with you before she sees you married off. features manicures in Vancouver as well as pedicures in Vancouver. If yo’re looking for a trendy new place to pamper yourself, visit

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