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Wedding band wisdom

Choosing the best wedding bands can be a difficult and expensive decision. It is important to choose a band which not only has a repertoire which reflects the tastes of the happy couple, but will also ensure that the diverse tastes of guests are catered for in order to ensure that they get up and dance and truly get the part started. However, before you even think about playlists and repertoires you need to make sure that the band can deliver a professional and dynamic performance. Seek out function bands which have good word-of-mouth reputations as well as testimonials on their websites and a record of local, national and perhaps international performances at a variety of functions such as weddings, engagement parties, Bar-Mitzvahs, grand openings and events.

Wedding bands which have an established reputation of performing successfully at a variety of locations for disparate occasions are likely to have the versatility to be able to offer you and your guests exactly what you require for your special day. Function bands can sometimes be extremely successful and even garner some critical acclaim because of professionalism in their field and powerful, soulful performances. Many of these types of bands will have a choice of set playlists which they can perform but may also be able to deliver special arrangements and requests for first dances and other key moments during the wedding reception.

The stereotypical function band wearing tattered n uniforms whilst listlessly droning out faded hits which do not register with any guests at all are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. In fact, many wedding bands these days are extremely professional and include musicians and vocalists who would put many modern recording artists in the shade in regards to talent, musicianship and performance delivery. One of the advantages of bands with their own websites is that they often contain links to video or audio recordings of their performances, so therefore you can try before you buy and you don’t have to rely on a subjective recommendation or hearsay.

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