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Wedding Attire

A wedding invitation in your mailbox…. a cause of anxiety to most of us and the first question that pops up into our head is Gosh! What am I going to wear? Well not to fear here are some tips that will help you choose your attire for the wedding.

Before choosing your attire for the wedding make sure you confirm two very important details:

1. At what part of the day is the ceremony
2. The venue

If it’s a daytime wedding, the ladies can settle in for a nice dress or a skirt with a nice dressy top and a hat and some gloves to go with it if it’s a formal function. For the men well a suit would be fine or even a nice blazer with a pair of smart trousers and a crisp shirt would do. But men remember never wear a tuxedo for a daytime event.

Now for an evening event, getting dressed for this one is much easier, but you’ve got to be dressed more formally than a daytime event. If your invite says “Black tie” it is obvious that the men have to wear a black tie, so no much of thinking to do there. For you ladies, you can wear a nice long gown of a dressy cocktail dress. Be sure to wear some dazzling jewelry. Diamonds or pearls would do just fine. Try to avoid wearing black to a wedding, unless you’re not quite too sure of what to wear if the invite says Black tie optional. At a black tie optional invite, the males can turn up in a dark suit, and it would be better to wear a tie. If no one at the wedding has done the same, you can just slip the tie into your pocket.

Remember a wedding is the result of months of planning. The guests at a wedding add to the elegance of the event. So be sure to choose carefully your attire…. after all you do want to look good don’t you?

Leigh Ciabattoni was born one of twelve children in a creative family in Franklin, Massachusetts. With that many siblings and a family on a limited budget, Leigh found creativity in party planning a way of life at an early age. Enjoy everthing I have to offer for wedding & baby favors and also great party ideas.

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