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Wedding Acceptance is Important For Proper Wedding Planning

If you have recently been invited to a wedding, did you pay attention to your invitation to see if it requires you to RSVP or not? Some people think that it is not very important if they respond to it or not, but it can be very important to the bride and groom. The entire reception is planned and decided on the number of guests that will be attending. Not only is the reception dependent on the number of guests, but some times where the wedding is held. In some weddings, not having an accurate count of guests can make the difference between being able to afford one thing versus another. It can also change the rates of certain things for having more people.

Brides and grooms have a lot to think about and decide when planning a wedding. From picking the wedding date, to the color of the bridesmaid dresses, there are many time consuming details and decisions that need to be made. Wedding acceptance of an invitation is one way that you can help lighten their load. By acknowledging whether or not you will be attending their wedding, as well as including the amount of guests that will also be attending with you, you are giving them a better idea of what to plan for.

As far as the proper time to respond to an invitation, it may be indicated on the RSVP section. Some brides and grooms will indicate a certain date that they would like you to respond by. Others will not indicate a specific date, so you need to use a broad timeline for sending it back. If you receive the invitation within 6 to 8 weeks of the wedding date, you want to send your wedding acceptance in as soon as you can. If you receive the invitation more than 8 weeks before the wedding, you may want to hold onto it for a couple of weeks until you send it in.

If you send in your reply too early, it may get misplaced or lost. If you send it in too late, it could be missed. Also, you should pay attention to the type of RSVP that is required. Some brides and grooms require you to mail in a reply card, while others request an email or phone call. Make sure that you take note of how they want you to respond so that your reply will be counted accurately. Weddings can be busy and stressful times for the bride and groom, try to do your part in sending your wedding acceptance. Help them keep an accurate count for planning the reception.

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