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Uses Of Wedding Orchids For Your Big Day

Your big day is fast approachingwant to make it exotically special? Wedding planners suggest that wedding orchids would best for this very special day. It has been a wonder how these plants displayed at wedding ceremonies bring a sense of elegance and grace to the occasion.

The second largest natural order in the whole world of botany, orchids are undeniably diverse and fascinatingly unique in the eyes. As brought about by its unique beauty, there has already been a thousands varieties of Orchid species and over a hundred thousand hybrid Orchids all over the world except Antarctica. Additionally, Orchid flowers can be found with a very wide range of characteristics, existing in nearly every color and shade also comes in many variations in size and shape. Having the largest variety of flowering plants with an estimated 20,000 to 30,000 naturally occurring species, it is no doubt that they are among the most highly pried of ornamental plants.

Among the great choices are: Cymbidium orchids, Dendrobium orchid, and Vanda and Phalaenopsis orchids. Cymbidium orchids come in white, yellow, pink, and pale green colors, which bloom with attractive large flower heads. These are ideal for bridal bouquets resulting in wonderful display of colors and scented smells; more resistant in hotter climates so they are perfect for summer wedding. Using classic designs like plalaenopsis and cymbidium, will also make your bridal bouquet trendy. Next is the Dendrobium orchid displaying such colors as white and purple. Often used in garlands or on wedding tables, flower heads can also be arranged around the reception and eating areas. Vanda and Phalaenopsis orchids are not usually used for wedding orchids due to their costs but they are an exquisite and unique choice nonetheless. Varieties of vanda orchid show off a white chequered pattern and a dazzling purple while phalaenopsis orchids show a striking purple as well as a silky white. The centerpieces at weddings always attract the guests attention aside from the entrance and reception.

As centerpieces, wedding orchids can be displayed using their height and colors. However, take caution in decorating orchids; certain orchids have strong scents that may cause discomfort and even allergic reactions to the guests. Buying orchids in bulk can be a big money saver also. Dont be alarmed when they look bruised and lose blooms at first, with the right attention, their health will be restored immediately.

Above all, do not hesitate to ask for more decoration ideas from experts. You can also purchase books or go online for more interesting and creative ideas. Enjoy preparing for this big day, when you do your best, people will notice the difference and your creativity. Before you know it, praises will keep coming in. Your orchids should also be kept fresh by using light mist of temperate water. Beforehand, the orchid corsets can placed in the refrigerator to keep them looking beautiful. Orchids are not only unique and beautiful; they are also long lasting; surely your bridal flowers will be intact through out the day.

Mariska Corben has been growing orchids for more than 10 years. If youd like to learn more on wedding orchids, visit

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