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Top Creative Wedding Invitations

Whether it comes sooner or later, wedding is of great joy in everybody’s life. While the exciting day is coming quickly, there are lots of plans in prospective bride and groom’s to-do list. Among them, the wedding invitations and stationery are among integral parts and extremely great importance to the wedding planning process. To ensure your wedding plans do not turn out to be a nightmare, it is advisable and even imperative that the bride as well as groom communicate with their guests earlier to convey necessary information. Originally, wedding invitations must include names of bride and groom, date, time, and location of the ceremony. However, there are some creative invitation cards that you may have never seen before.



The pretty cool wedding card resembles 80’s Atari games. The card was designed by Illustrator and comic artist Carla Berrocal especially for her clients.



Designed by Erin Blankley from design firm Corndog Industries, the invitation paper is influenced by Ouija Board and its envelop.


If you are taking Information Technology career, the keyboard-inspired wedding invitation would be a choice for you.


The wedding invitation is truly original which provides enough information for guests


If wedding invitation shows of your personality, the Art Director/ Photographer Trevor Navarra really did it. The wacky and lovely invitation features the sweet pictures of groom and wife.


The unique invitation features a box of chocolate in which all the information in the label is about the wedding. Which would be better than chocolate on wedding ceremony?


It is an excellent idea to invite your guests as well as share the whole sweet love story in one wedding invitation.


The unique wedding invitation is inspired by “Star War” and designed by the groom’s mother.


The cool invitation is designed as a form of Frequently Asked Questions section.


The wedding invitation is designed as shape of laptop Dell. The bride and groom must be software programmers.



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