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Top Budget Wedding Tips

The engagement is exciting; setting the date ıs really a blast; setting the spending budget is… well, not so fun. Statistics show that the average cost of a Canadian wedding is $ 20,000. More and more couples are paying for their personal weddings and paring down the expenses. Making your personal invitations and utilizing the services of esthetic schools are just the start. Here’s ideal your budget wedding.

Guest List: Everyone knows how hard it may be to pare down a wedding guest list, but in the interests of the budget, it’s required. The general rule is: If you haven’t spoken to or seen a ındividual previously two years, they shouldn’t be on your guest checklist. Also, make sure to manage your checklist – tell Mom and dad that the neighbours you had whenever you were five aren’t invited!

Invitations: Make your own invitations. Spending 100’s of dollars on invitations is totally unnecessary. You can purchase invitation kits at local office supply stores for half the cost. It just takes an hour in a word processing program on the pc, a cute picture of the couple and some address labels. Also, rather than spending money on reply card postage, ask your guests to reply via email or phone.

Hair, Makeup and Spa Services: Forget about pricey spas and salons. Look on the internet to discover your local hairstyling school or esthetics school. The students at these schools understand how to style hair too and fancy hairdos are usually their specialty. You will pay a fraction of the price for the same do. These establishments also offer makeup and spa solutions for extremely low costs and are a fantastic choice for manicures, pedicures and all other spa solutions as well.

Wedding Dress: This may be one of the biggest costs for a bride. We all know you need to lok your greatest, but that doesn’t mean you have to blow your budget. Spend some hours searching online at utilized dresses: eBay and nearby on the internet classifieds are a good source. If you’re not open to used, try rental establishments. Sample sales and seasonal sales at stores are a great opportunity as well. Call stores in advance and discover out when they are hosting these events. You may also look in non-traditional shops for not only your dress, but your bridesmaid dresses. Sales racks at stores that offer semi-formal dress wear are generally packed with options. If you have a local fashion college near-by, you might be able to get your own dress designed and made for a steal!

Decorations & Favours: Ask for help with the decorating. Your friends an family are bound to harbor some inner craftiness.When choosing your wedding flowers, look for silk or seasonal fresh flowers. Wedding favors don’t have to be expensive. Bottles of bubbles with personalized labels that are computer made really are a really inexpensive option as are little bags of candy.

Photograper & Videographer: If you have a friend who is an amateur photographer, enlist their services. Or, consider having you’re a professional only for that ceremony and placing disposable cameras on tables for that reception. You will get fantastic, spontaneous shots. If you hire a professional, be sure to ask about enlargement fees, and having all of your images available on a CD for your own use after the wedding. Ask your single friends to be the videographer for your big day. It’s a great way to preserve the memories AND get your friend talking to everyone at the party.

Planning a wedding by yourself dime can be a stressful and complicated project. But it isn’t impossible which is definitely worth some extra effort. Remember, your wedding is only the begin of your life together… Don’t spend all of your hard earned money on 1 day if you have your life to live.

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