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Things To Remember While You Plan Your Wedding

Wedding is a special day and one needs to plan for it carefully. Every small detail needs careful notice and best preparation. There are so many small things that may spoil the occasion yet many others that will make the occasion memorable. Here is what you must do and what you should not.

The Do Nots

– Being in haste – The first and foremost thing that you should not do is being in haste. Wedding is a lifetime experience and hence you need to give time to each detail. You must keep your cool till your wedding; take your time for every decision that is to be taken. Think and prepare a list of things that need to be arranged. The best wedding planners start 6-12 months before the wedding day.

– Being Assumptive – Do not leave anything on assumption. All the communication with the professional services, the wedding attendants, family members or guests should be clear and as far as possible written. Even a single assumption may make the occasion go haywire.

– Long list of guest – You need not invite every single person that you talk to. Wedding is a very special occasion and it needs to be celebrated with people who matter to you or your would-be. It is better to have a small list of invitees and get things managed well. People who care for you will make the occasion special for both of you.

The Dos

– Planning – Starting from the marriage preparation to honeymoon, everything needs to be planned. Budget, list of invitees, appointments with clergymen, location for wedding, rehearsal and reception, ceremony dresses and accessories, wedding cake and dinner, honeymoon bookings are some of the things that would need elaborate planning.

– Budgeting – In a beautiful wedding, proper allocation of money is more important than money. If you do not budget properly, there is high chance of overspending. Hence allocate a fixed amount of money for everything- be it wedding dresses, honeymoon expense, wedding cake, rings, flowers, decorations or dinner. Then it will be easier for you to find a product or service in your budget.

– Choosing dependable services/ products – You surely do not need to spend a fortune for your wedding. However, do not pick cheap services or products. Caterers make the occasion special by serving good food, photographers by clicking memorable pictures and decorators by elegant decoration etc. Go for the trusted ones even if you have to pay a little extra than what you have budgeted.

– Management – Coordination and management is the most important part for every celebration. When management and coordination is done properly, each and every work will be done as you wished for and make the occasion memorable for all.

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