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The Pink Wedding Theme Explored

A pink wedding theme is downright exciting and fun to do. If you think pink is just for cutesy brides, think again.

You can have a shabby chic or an ultra sophisticated wedding by pairing pink with black and white.

The best thing about pink is it is a fun color that looks good on anyone. By mixing black and white you give your theme a classy look.

Integrate black and white on your pink frosted fondant wedding cake. Accent your bouquets with black ribbon and use a mix of white and pink flowers.

For your tables, look for bold stripes in black and white and use pink table toppers to set off your centerpiece. Consider crystal or glass centerpieces. Votives would work well too. Keep the table decor itself simple to avoid looking too busy.

When selecting your pinks, use a range from a bare blush to a bold hot pink. The variety of shades will make your pink wedding theme more visually appealing.

If shabby chic isn’t your thing, go Victorian instead. Mix in some black lace and decorate your cake with black Victorian designs. Mix in some period accessories and even some family heirlooms to decorate your buffet or cake table. Find some black Victorian-style picture frames to hold your table numbers.

If you want less of a striking contrast and are looking for something warmer, consider mixing your pink theme with a chocolate brown.

Brown will warm up your theme and soften the contrast. While the pink, black, and white can feel modern, the pink and chocolate can feel a little more contemporary and subtle.

Pink wedding colors theme can be used any time of the year and any time of the day. It is a very versatile theme. It tends to be a bit more formal than a yellow and green theme and less formal than a plain black and white. It is a nice middle ground as far as formality goes.

To sum it up, pink allows you to have fun with your theme and stay semi-formal to formal at the same time.

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