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The Importance of Crowd Control During a Pandemic

As stores, restaurants, bars, and other services slowly reopen amidst the COVID-19 pandemic many are experiencing capacities cut by half or more. Even essential services such as grocery stores are experiencing reduced capacities as we struggle with this pandemic. This begs the question of how to keep people separated and safe while they wait in line for these services that are at reduced capacity. Of course the easiest way to accomplish this is by putting tape markers on the ground, but this doesn’t actually enforce any social distancing.

The best solution for this lies in physical crowd control barriers. Barriers force crowds to conform to specific shapes and distances. Additionally, a visible barrier helps to keep the necessity for social distancing on the top of people’s minds. Many people want to comply to the guidelines provided by the CDC, but just need a little reminder. A physical barrier is a great way to do just that. Combined with some sort of enforcement, physical barriers are the best way to keep people six feet apart.

When it comes to the actual physical barrier that is best for a business there are a couple different options. Metal barricades provide a heavy, interlocking barrier perfect for larger crowds. These barricades are adjustable into almost any configuration. Additionally, these barriers are excellent as a security measure. They can be used to enforce an outdoor line for a store or restaurant with reduced capacity. Barricades are also perfect for separating the entrance from the exit, so as to keep people from commingling near the entrances. Another benefit to using barricades this way is that it creates a natural “flow” of people, thus further reducing the amount of interactions customers have with other customers even in areas away from the barricades.

Another, perhaps more elegant-looking solution is the use of stanchions. Stanchions have chrome pedestals and support either velvet ropes, or ribbons of adjustable length. Stanchions enforce crowd distancing while maintaining a VIP look and ambiance, ideal for bars, restaurants, and other high-end customer experience-based establishments. While these barriers may not be as robust as the metal barricades they still enforce physical distancing by keeping people in prescribed areas.

Keeping our physical distance has become a key part in defeating this pandemic. Physical barriers can help with this by enforcing the separation recommended by the CDC. Additionally, just seeing a barrier help to bring the necessity of physical separation into a person’s mind. A variety of options for crowd control barriers exist, as we begin our careful reopening one is likely right for almost every business. 

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