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Strategies On How to Give a Perfect Wedding Reception Speech

Whether you can give a perfect speech at any event, such as wedding ceremony, depends a greatly on the amount of time that you prepared before. Giving speech at a wedding is much more formal than others where you can ad lib or come up with a few jokes to get you through as there would be many guests. If you want to give a good impression to everyone about your speech, then you should write it down, review it and rewrite it, therefore, you can remember about what things you will be talking. Careful preparation and practice will make you feel more confident. 


Do Your Homework

Find out about the person or the people you are toasting, particularly if you do not know them well. What are their interests? What is their background? Are there any stories you can tell about them to help the audience know them better? If you are toasting the bride and groom, talk about how their relationship blossomed or talk about the prospect of a wonderful life together or the family environment they have come from, which should stand them in good stead for the future.


Humour is Good

It is a happy occasion so everyone is ready listen to your wedding toast and to be entertained. It is not hard to get people to laugh. This means you do not have to try to be overly funny. Warm, humorous stories always go down well.Many people present will know each other and will know amusing stories within the family or their own circle. You can pull on these stories to help make a point. Make sure any jokes are tasteful and do not embarrass anyone. While humour helps relax the audience and get their attention, when it comes to the actual toast, your comments should be serious and sincere.


Personal Presentation

Present yourself well. Make sure you have not had too much to drink. If you are chewing gum, get rid of it. Before you stand to talk, take a few deep breaths and calm yourself. Try not to move around nervously, as this makes others nervous. Carry notes of your speech to help you stay on track. If you do need to read your notes, do not read into them – use them as reminders then put your head up and talk directly to the audience. Do some practice before the day to help your confidence.


Not Too Long

No not drag it out. If you cannot say it in 3 or 4 minutes, then you are probably saying too much. Do not ramble aimlessly as you will soon lose your audience. There is really no set form for making a wedding toast so the format, the content and the length will be up to you. This means you will be totally responsible for how it turns out. If you are having trouble preparing it then get some help. Say it out to someone who can help you.


In the end, if you have spent enough time on its preparation and done your best to deliver it well, your wedding toast will be a success and you will make a positive contribution to the day.


William Burnell has been a groom, a best man, father of the bride 4 times and a wedding MC. He has delivered many other speeches over the years and he knows how daunting speaking in front of an audience can be. You will find all the help you need and a wide choice of professionally written wedding toast speeches that you can make your own at

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