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Sparkling wedding of Swedish Princess

Born 14 July 1977, Victoria Ingrid Alice Désirée is the Crown Princess of Swede. She is the heiress-apparent to the Swedish throne. On June 19, 2010, She had a sparkling wedding with a fitness instructor named Daniel Westling. The 8 year relationship between Swedish princess and Daniel came to a happy ending with a marriage following the Swedish royal rites at Storkyrkan church in Stockholm. 1500 members of the royal family and guests, including kings from around the world attended the wedding. The church was decorated with thousands of roses. The wedding of Princess Victoria is regarded as a city festival, attracting thousands of people.


Princess Victoria and her groom Daniel Westling danced enthusiastically in their wedding party.


The groom and bride smiled happily. Their 8 year love had a happy ending.


The bride and groom kissed each other in the blesses of all guests.


They had a splendid wedding at Storkyrkan church.


Victoria looked really happy beside her husband.


Daniel Westling is her personal trainer at Master Training


The couple swore to take care of each other for all their life in the witness of God.


The marriage was held in accordance with Swedish royal rites.


The bride and groom cheerfully welcomed guests and received their congratulations.




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