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Sister Wedding Speech

Not a lot of girls really know how to make and deliver a speech for their sister’s wedding day. In the same way that having a sister cannot be avoided, one cannot completely decline the honor of presenting a speech on her big day. Without much choice at hand, it is better to start off with the preparation instead and be ready for the task at hand.


One of the many advantages of being a sister is the years spent with the bride. Hence, there are a number of experiences to look back to and gain insights when preparing the speech. However, it can get confusing as well. It might get to a point where one cannot determine the specific adventures and stories to share during her wedding day. The best guideline in doing this is to stick with something relevant and useful for the couple, something they can learn from. It helps also to take time in doing this at least weeks before the actual event in order to have ample time to determine the specific stories to tell and how they relate to the couple’s marriage.

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Some people who are given the task of standing in front of a crowd and presenting a speech tend to feel the pressure of being funny and smart in order to create a favorable impression for the audience. This is not the goal at hand. The main purpose is to share something about the bride, the couple and their married life before them. Hence, it is wise to stay cool and act naturally.


The best way to end the speech is with a quotable quote, something that gives out a lasting message to the newlywed as well as to the rest of the people present in the event. It can be a funny anecdote, a single line or a phrase from a famous individual or even by an anonymous contributor. It can also be something you have created yourself. That would make it even more valuable and impactful. The most important thing is that it should have something that the couple can make use of in their life together.

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Like any other speeches for that day, it is best to end it up with a toast to the newlywed coupled with a wish for their happiness today and in the many days to come. The entire speech does not have to take so long. One should be sensitive enough to know that there are other people who want to give a message to the couple and wish them a good life ahead as well.

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