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Power Broom Rental

  • Gas Powered
  • Great for cleaning rocks from lawns and driveways
  • Lightweight and easy to use


Power Broom Available For Rent In Wisconsin

Make cleaning dirt and debris an easy task with our Power Broom Rental. This Power Broom Rental features a rubber broom with a large capacity that cleans sand and gravel from paths, driveways and lawns. Guard is included. Shaft diameter 24 mm. Fitting onto a Husqvarna power plant this sweeper is able to pack a ton of power into a small package utilizing the 1kw power supply. This Power broom also includes a slew of safety and convince features such as an auto returning stop switch, a smart start system, and a high-efficiency air filter that helps improve your fuel efficiency. This is the perfect tool to keeps things nice and clean for you.

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Power Broom Sweeper Rental

Fuel type Gasoline
Uses Clean rocks and debris from lawns and driveways

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