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Selecting Your Wedding Colors

When you begin to plan your wedding, you will have many decisions to make. One of the first choices will be about the style and theme of your wedding. The color palette that you choose will go a long way towards establishing the mood that you desire. This is a guide to help you select your wedding colors.

Certain colors are very traditional for weddings, especially white and pastel pink. But this does not mean that you should automatically assume that these are the “best” or “right” colors for a wedding. In fact, the entire color spectrum is at your fingertips, and you can make things even more interesting by combining two or three colors. The trick is to design the color palette that will best help to express the theme or overall style of your wedding.

Formal weddings tend to use more limited colors. A pure white wedding, from the bridal gown to the flowers to the tablecloths and other décor can be breathtaking and romantic for a traditional bride. It can also be bland and incredibly boring, if not handled well. To pull off the perfect white wedding, plan to spice things up with the addition of an accent color like silver or pale blue, or by mixing and layering textures and forms for visual interest.

Red is a bold color, but is also very popular for weddings, as it symbolizes love and passion. Perhaps this explains why deep red roses are such a favorite for Valentine’s Day. Dark red roses are an excellent choice for a formal evening wedding, especially if the bridesmaid dresses are in a similar shade. Just be aware that in black and white photography, dark red can be a harsh contrast against a white wedding gown.

Red can also be playful and modern, when it is combined with bold orange to create a spicy color palette for your wedding. This color palette can be used in a toned down version for a rustic autumn wedding, or cranked all the way up for a summer sunset affair. Exotic flowers like orchids and calla lilies work wonderfully in this spicy color palette. Pair it with spicy Indian or Mexican food to enhance the theme even further.

Almost every shade of pink is lovely for a wedding. Pale pink is feminine and traditional, and is a delicate hue perfect for an early spring wedding. It is also a very flattering color, which makes it a terrific choice for everything from bridesmaid dresses and jewelry gifts to table linens to flowers to lighting. Your guests will adore being bathed in a soft and flattering rosy glow! True pink, also called Bermuda pink, is a great choice for a classic preppy style wedding. Mix it with kelly green or navy blue for a tailored and timeless effect. And of course, hot pink or fuchsia is great for a cheerful summer reception.

Blue is another favorite of brides, as it symbolizes fidelity. Baby blue and white is a fresh and versatile color palette, one that can easily be used throughout a wedding. It looks wonderful for invitations, china, seat covers, and favors. You can even design custom bridesmaid jewelry gifts that combine white pearls with blue crystals. A nice thing about blue is that the groom will probably like it too.

Choosing the perfect colors for your wedding can be a lot of fun. There are plenty of interactive websites that will allow you to mix and match colors until you find your favorite, or you can go the old fashioned route and play with paint chips from the hardware store. When you select the ideal color palette for your special day, you will find that the rest of the decorating will fall easily into place.

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