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Selecting the Ideal Wedding Gift

Like it or not, a wedding announcement or invitation means you have to start searching for a gift. Selecting gifts can be a grueling process, and although there are people who pick up something quick and cheap, most people put a lot of thought into selecting something that is perfect for the recipient.

Often people choose items they personally would like receive. Although this may be perfect for the giver, it may not be tailored to the taste or usefulness of people they are buying for. Considering the needs of the couple, such as where they plan to live, their unique tastes, and the space they have to put things is important.

If the couple has signed up for a gift registry, that would be the first place you should go for gift ideas. The couple has taken the time and thought into choose items they would like to receive, and even if you don’t select something from their wish list you can get an idea of what their tastes and needs are, and go from there.

It’s always exciting to find something unique, like an engraved wedding certificate holder, or something original that be useful that they may never buy for themselves, but would thoroughly enjoy, such as a day at a spa for the both of them.

A clever deviation from the usual wedding gift, such as a bottle of fine champagne in a personalized box with a message for them not to open until their first (or tenth) anniversary.

Of course, money is always a welcome gift. Starting out as a couple always has expenses that need to be met, and you can’t pay for them with a gift, The couple may be saving for something special, like a house or vacation, in which case money would be a welcome addition. Although money as a gift may seem impersonal, it is always fitting for a wedding. If you don’t feel giving just money, include it with another gift item – such as a personalized silver wedding frame.

Does the couple like to spend time in the yard? Perhaps a gift that they can appreciate when they relax would be appreciated. Yard ornaments, planters, hammocks, or decorative lighting would be a lovely daily reminder of your thoughtfulness.

If budget is a concern, there are many wonderful items that can be personalized for a minimum amount of money, and make unique and special gifts.

No matter the cost, it definitely is the thought that counts, and the couple should appreciate the fact that you were thinking about them when you made your selection.

About the Author
Sally Wendel is the owner of, an online gift shop that sells gifts, formal wear and party favors for weddings and other special occasions. They carry many unique and personalized wedding gifts, including an engraved wedding certificate holder.

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