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Reportage Wedding Photography

When searching for a for a wedding photographer you may have likely come across the term reportage, or photojournalism. It is a real buzz word in the wedding photography community right now, but what does it mean?

Reportage photography is where a photographer will try to photograph their subject without them being aware of them. In wedding photography this creates a very natural and real shot, one that will accurately depict the atmosphere and characters on your special day. The reportage style is often genuine and unobtrusive.

Adopting this style will give your clients a complete record of their day, from start to finish. It is often a favoured choice for the bride and groom as they are not over ordered around by a photographer.

The contemporary approach is to spend time capturing natural images, rather than creating unnatural images and looking for candid pictures to get real wedding photos that happen during their day, leaving them time to enjoy it.

Be dedicated to documenting events as they unfold, with a relaxed and natural approach, unobtrusively capturing the details of the wedding day with sensitivity, intuition and experience; blending in seamlessly with the guests. Of course every wedding wouldn’t be complete without the occasional, formal shot. But I often find from talking to my clients that the formal shots are for the benefit of the extended family; it’s the natural shots that will carry real meaning for the bride and groom, and for years to come.

When shooting reportage photography, I favor the Canon 24-70mm L Series lens. It is simply an excellent lens! At 70mm you can capture stunning portraits and all the macro details, wind the lens to 24mm and you can achieve a great subtle wide-angle look. The wide angle is superb for capturing large groups of people, building interiors and exteriors. It has a brilliant ability to replicate vivid colors, and work in low lights indoors. Perfect for reportage photography.

Ben Goode is a wedding photographer at Ben Goode Photography. Southampton wedding photographer

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