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Heavy-Duty Equipment Trailers for Hauling Machines or Materials

Tilt bed and open utility trailers available at Area Rental are able to accommodate a variety of different loadings. Open top trailers are best for small machines, firewood and yard waste. If you need more bed space, our tilt bed trailers are ready to go to work. Area Rental offers various trailer styles for rent including:
enclosed trailer rentals
open trailer rentals
dump trailer rentals
drop deck trailer rentals

Open trailer rentals from New Berlin & Delafield

Unit Rental Rates

4 Hours
  • Hitch size: 2 5/16” 
  • Trailer Weight: 3400 lbs. 
  • Trailer Capacity: 11100 lbs. 
  • Bed Size: 6’10” x 21’ 
Daily – $75.00
Weekly – $310.00
Monthly – $850.00
  • Trailer Weight: 1200 lbs. 
  • Trailer Capacity: 4900 lbs. 
  • Bed Size: 5’x10’ 
  • Sidewall Height: 18” 
Daily – $38.00
Weekly – $150.00
Monthly – $420.00
  • Trailer Weight: 1600 lbs. 
  • Trailer Capacity: 4900 lbs. 
  • Bed Size: 6' x 12’ 
  • Braking Assistance: Surge Brakes 
4 Hours – $60.00
Daily – $60.00
Weekly – $160.00
Monthly – $400.00

Whether you are looking for a small, medium or large trailer, we have a solution for you. Our trailers feature rear-mounted ramps for convenient and safe loading or unloading. Single axle units can be easily pulled by most pickup trucks and mid-sized SUVs with the proper hitch. Our largest double axle trailers are capable of handling cars and heavy equipment such as skid steers and forklifts. Built-in surge brakes keep the trailer stable and assist in stopping when pulling heavy loads.

Make your next project a breeze with trailer rentals from Area Rental. We rent equipment across New Berlin and Delafield. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updated equipment and rentals.

Call us today for equipment recommendation or send us a message to get information from a trailer specialist.

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