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Band Saws, Circular Saws & Jigsaws

Area Rental has a large selection of reliable circular, concrete and electric saws to help you complete your job.

Rent an electric concrete saw in southeast WI

Unit Rental Rates

4 Hours
Our Makita 13ft Extension Saw Rental is perfect for knocking down stray tree limbs before they cause damage or interfere with any cables. Our pole saw rental is equipped with a 13-foot extendable arm, allowing you to comfortably reach branches that may otherwise be out of reach. The Makita 4-stroke engine offers a multi-position lubrication system, allowing you to use the tree trimmer rental in multiple positions for ease of use.  
  • Pole Extension: 8’-13’ 
  • Bar size: 10” 
  • Engine Size: 25.4 cc 4-stroke 
4 Hours – $38.00
Daily – $56.00
Weekly – $130.00
Monthly – $380.00
4 Hours – $20.00
Daily – $30.00
Weekly – $80.00
Monthly – $250.00
4 Hours – $18.00
Daily – $26.00
Weekly – $100.00
Monthly – $200.00
4 Hours – $14.00
Daily – $18.00
Weekly – $30.00
Monthly – $115.00
4 Hours – $48.00
Daily – $68.00
Weekly – $205.00
Monthly – $700.00
A tile tub saw is the perfect machine to help you redo bathrooms, backsplashes, kitchen floors, or other tiling projects. Simply fill the tub saw with water and begin precisely cutting your tile for your project with the provided rails and cutting platform. The Target Tilematic TA10100 is a rugged unit that will be able to hold up to all of your project’s needs.  
  • Tub Size: 19”x34”x 3.5” 
  • Motor: 1.5 HP, electric 
  • Blade Shaft RPMs: 2760 
  • Max Cut Depth: 3¾" 
4 Hours – $38.00
Daily – $54.00
Weekly – $220.00
Monthly – $620.00

The best drill for your project depends on the task at hand. For most household tasks and smaller projects, a cordless drill is often your best bet. However, a corded drill can run all day without requiring a charge, making it more suitable for tasks that span longer periods of time. If you will be drilling into very hard material such as masonry, you’ll want a drill with a hammer mode to pack more punch. For drilling in tight spaces and around corners in plumbing and construction projects, a right angle will make it easier to maneuver around obstacle

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