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Lift Heavy Materials with Ease

Material lifts are perfect for lifting, positioning and installing heavy materials. Area Rental makes the best recommendations for our rental customers and projects so you get the material lift equipment you need on your job site. Most material lifts are compact, portable, simple to use and relatively inexpensive. Don’t worry about breaking your back when the material lift will do all the heavy lifting for you.

Materials lift rentals for southeast WI

Unit Rental Rates

4 Hours
Well suited for industrial applications and HVAC installations, the Genie Superlift Contractor SLC-24 lift comes standard with the captive stabilizer with patented “locking system” that provides additional lateral support for heavy loads. It can be easily operated by one person to lift, lower and move heavy loads up to 650 lbs. This duct jack will make your HVAC installation a breeze.  
  • Max Lift Height: 24 ft. 
  • Weight Capacity: 650lbs. 
  • Machine Weight: 347 lbs. 
  • Stowed Height: 7ft. 2in. 
Daily – $68.00
Weekly – $180.00
Monthly – $360.00
Area Rental & Sales shingle lift Ladder style hoist with a gas motor that can reach up to 27' and handle up to 200 lbs. or a maximum of two bundles. Requires two people to operate with one at top of shingle ladder and one at bottom. Breaks down in multiple sections for easy transport. Will require a truck or trailer for transporting.
Daily – $68.00
Weekly – $185.00
Monthly – $410.00

Other than the Genie Superlift, Area Rental also offers shingle lift ladders for rent. This ladder will hoist materials up to your location quickly and efficiently. The shingle ladder is easy to transport and only requires the operation of two people. If you’ve got equipment up to 200 Ibs. that needs lifting, try out a shingle lift ladder to make your roofing project easy.

Need more information on why renting a material lift is the way to go? Call the rental equipment specialists at Area Rental or send us a message with all your equipment related questions.

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