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Break Up Compact Soil for New Plant Growth

Area Rental offers garden tiller rentals of various sizes perfect for different types of jobs. From small gardens to bigger plots of land, we have tillers to get your job done. Tillers are designed to break up compacted soil and soften up the earth for new growth to be planted. Tilling should be done as a prerequisite for preparing a new garden and is best done in spring or fall on soil that is neither too soggy nor too dry.

Front Tine Tiller 16” Rentals near Milwaukee

Unit Rental Rates

4 Hours
The weight and size of this 26" Front Tine Tiller Rental make it extremely easy to handle, maneuver, transport, and store. This machine is perfect for homeowners who want to prepare garden patches and flower beds without using a spade.
  • Tilling width is 26"
  • Dimensions Approximately 50"L x 28"W x 40"H
  • Weighs 143 lbs

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The maxim minimax 16” front tine tiller is a high-powered machine packed into a small, lightweight frame. This tiller/cultivator is ideally suited for turning over vegetable gardens, preparing dead spots for reseeding, and other lighter-duty tilling work. Equipped with a 35cc, 1.3 horsepower Honda engine this unit has the power and reliability to get your job done right. 
  • Dimensions: 37” H x 18” W x 47” L 
  • Weight: 50 lbs. 
  • Tilling Width: 16” 
  • Tilling Depth: Adjustable, up to 8” 
4 Hours – $36.00
Daily – $40.00
Weekly – $110.00
Monthly – $320.00
Make your backyard projects easy with our Mantis Mini Tiller 8” Rental. Heavyweight performance in a lightweight Tiller. Dig and weed fast and easy with the Mantis gas-only 4-cycle Tiller.
  • Handheld, lightweight
  • 8" tilling width

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The FRC800 rear-tine tiller rental makes the big jobs look easy. The Honda FRC800 has a 20″ tilling width and a 12″ tine diameter. Self-propelled with 4 different speed settings this rototiller is a breeze to work with. Powered by an easy starting 242 cc Honda commercial OHV engine this machine will make quick work of even your bigger jobs. 
  • Tilling Width: 20” 
  • Tine Diameter: 12” 
  • Self-Propelled: 3 forward speeds, 1 reverse 
  • Heavy-Duty Rear debris shield 
4 Hours – $64.00
Daily – $95.00
Weekly – $300.00
Monthly – $675.00

Garden tillers come in both front tine and rear tine designs, and each has its own recommended use cases. Front tine tillers are common for small to medium gardens and tight, compact areas. They are easier to maneuver than rear tine tillers and are generally lighter and easier to transport. Rear tine tillers pack more power, which can be useful in soil that is dry and hard or contains a lot of rocks. Rear tine tillers may also be a better choice for tilling large areas of land because they take less physical effort to use.

Area Rental supplies all the lawn & garden rental equipment you need across southeast WI. Call or contact us to talk about how to get convenient delivery from our Delafield or New Berlin locations. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for rental equipment updates!

Need a recommendation for the perfect tiller for your garden? Call us to speak with a rental equipment specialist or send us a message to get the right equipment for the job.

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