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Flatten Out Bumpy, Irregular Terrain

Area Rental’s inventory consists of push and pull behind rollers made to flatten out bumpy and irregular lawns. This equipment uses heavy drums to evenly disperse weight over your yard or commercial property, smoothing out bumps. The result is a lawn that looks nicer and is more comfortable to walk on. It’s also a good idea to roll a new lawn after seeding or sodding to press seeds and root systems into the topsoil.

Push lawn roller rental in New Berlin & Delafield

Unit Rental Rates

4 Hours
  • Designed to be towed behind customers garden tractor or ATV
  • Unit drum is 36" wide
  • Unit weighs 600 lbs when full with water
  • Hooks up with pin hitch
4 Hours – $18.00
Daily – $25.00
Weekly – $90.00
Monthly – $260.00
  • 24in wide
  • 250lbs when full of water
  • Smooth terrain
4 Hours – $16.00
Daily – $18.00
Weekly – $54.00
Monthly – $210.00
  • 99" turn radius
  • Steering wheel provides precise movements
4 Hours – $120.00
Daily – $140.00
Weekly – $380.00
Monthly – $950.00

Walk behind push lawn rollers are sufficient for most grassy areas like your lawn. Larger areas like commercial properties will benefit from rollers that can be towed behind an ATV or tractor. For rolling very large properties like public parks and campgrounds, try our one ton riding lawn roller rental to turn your property into a flat, even, comfortable space. Lawn rolling should be done while the ground is damp but not soaked, and is best to do in the spring while new growth is occurring.

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