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Bobcat Style Skid Loaders Available to Rent

Skid Steer Rentals are available with wheels or tracks, ensuring that you will have the best mobility possible for your ground conditions. Track Skid Steer Loadersare perfect on soft ground to reduce the risk of rutting, while Tire Skid Steers offer better mobility.

Skid Steer Rentals for southeast WI

Unit Rental Rates

4 Hours
  • 4,400 lb rated
  • Tensile Strength of 935 MPA/MM
  • Great operator visibility

Call For Price

  • Rated Operating Capacity 2000 lb.
  • Tipping Load 4000.0 lb.
  • Maximum Dump Angle 52°
4 Hours – $250.00
Daily – $340.00
Weekly – $930.00
Monthly – $2,100.00
  • Fast and easy way to dig anchors or post holes.
  • Skid mount hydraulic posthole digger.
  • Fits skid loader w/universal attachment system.
  • 9" or 12" auger included in rental.
  • 15” to 24” augers are additional charge.
  • 3' long extension available at additional charge.
4 Hours – $120.00
Daily – $120.00
Weekly – $270.00
Monthly – $880.00
  • Skid mount hydraulic breaking hammer.
  • Fits most skid loaders with a universal attachment.
  • Weighs nearly 450lbs.
4 Hours – $290.00
Daily – $290.00
Weekly – $850.00
Monthly – $1,850.00
  • Designed to eliminate hand raking by removing rocks and debris as small as ¾” and placing them into the bucket hopper while leveling the surface.
  • Hydraulic cylinder opens top cover for easy dumping and grading.
  • High strength teeth
  • 72” rake width
  • Unit weighs 1,130lbs.
4 Hours – $165.00
Daily – $165.00
Weekly – $490.00
Monthly – $1,100.00
  • Weight: 1,080 lbs.  
  • Width: 81” 
  • Jaw opening height: 36” 
4 Hours – $110.00
Daily – $110.00
Weekly – $295.00
Monthly – $670.00
  • Raking Width (Inches): 72"
  • Width At Full Angle: 65.3"
  • Height: 27.5"
  • Depth: 68.5"
  • Drum Diameter: 8.5"
  • Number Of Teeth: 109
4 Hours – $180.00
Daily – $180.00
Weekly – $500.00
Monthly – $1,300.00

To go along with any Skid Steer Rentals be sure to look into our extensive list of attachments. Our Auger Skid-Steer Attachment Rental lets you dig plumb holes with speed and precision without breaking the bank. The planetary geared drive unit powers through tough soil and dirt and keeps the power ready for when you need it.

Our new RockHound Skid-Steer Attachment Rental is constructed from heavy-duty T-1 grade steel, this model RockHound Skid-Steer Attachment Rental is the original landscape rake attachment designed to remove rocks, sticks, debris, and level the ground before laying sod or seed.

Break up concrete, pavement, or other demolition jobs with this Concrete-Breaker Skid-Steer Attachment Rental. This 800 ft.-lb. hammer is ideal for concrete demolition, road repair, and site preparation. It has an adjustable force range between 500-1,100 blows per minute (bpm).

A Skid-Steer Grapple Bucket Rental is the perfect way to pick up rocks, logs, piping, and any other bulky heavy items you may need to move around your worksite.

The Skid-Steer Harley Rake Rental is ideal for blending an old yard into a new one, power raking a new yard into a golf course, removing surface rocks yearly that find themselves close to the surface, grading and blending transitions, thatching an established yard, resurfacing gravel roads and parking lots, or preparing the perfect seedbed.

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