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May 24, 2006, by the world’s largest

Home Appliances Best Buy commercial the power of cooperation, Five Star announced: international service from start to home appliances. From 27, the star will bring global brands, consumer feedback Thanksgiving, three days of national benefit sale. Consumers will enjoy a more affordable home appliances, home appliances more global brands will also landed in the market. It is reported that Henan was 80 million of special offers and gifts, Zhengzhou Dragon shop, Asian restaurant and six hypermarkets in Henan Middle County will be extended to 22:00 hours point.

“Five Star and Best Buy’s cooperation, to bring the biggest change consumers will be the choice of product mix becomes more rich, while able to enjoy more benefits. Through the joint venture, the two home purchase channels will be merged, so that you win more preferential factory resources, but also bring more high-tech products into the country. ” Benefits for the country’s five-star three-day purpose of selling, Henan Five Star Appliance Co., Ltd. are the people answer to the vibration.

According to all the people vibration introduced back in the Thanksgiving feast, the star will lead the sales trend of low-cost high-end products. Flat-panel TVs, energy-efficient air conditioners, inverter refrigerators, roller

Washing machine High-end products such as the price of the full cut, the maximum reduction is reached on the yuan.

Is well known, due to higher air-conditioning of raw materials, especially

Copper Bulk of international markets, led by the nearly two months of “mad cow” rally, many air conditioning manufacturers in the season have given the occasion of the advent of air conditioning prices notification, air conditioning prices generally rose 5% to 15%. 2006, air-conditioning manufacturing industry Zhangshengyipian. But the five-star benefit to sell the country for three days in the air conditioning was quietly dropped, are Zhen-Min told reporters: “Five Star early in the air before the raw material price increases in advance of the 2 billion reserve air supply, and this weekend the sixth Five Star Air Festival When opening the national market launch, but the air conditioning industry this year, prices have Jiucheng a foregone conclusion, we have dealers pay in advance only through this way for consumers to minimize the scope and magnitude of price increases. “

Reporter learned that the five-star joint of the

Gree , Midea, Haier, Chunlan, Hisense, Oaks Chi preferential sale of advanced manufacturers to fine the same time, air-conditioning products, promotional items have all been put in place resources.

With the World Cup approaches, the five-star with Haier, Chunlan, Hisense,

TCL , Siemens, Samsung And so on with hundreds of companies, will set off can be described as an unprecedented wave of price cuts, while the number of discounted home appliances will also be unveiled one by one.

Mobile , Digital products has always been a market darling, the star has organized hundreds of thousands of mobile phone major brands launch National Market, the price reduction from 30% -40%. In addition to

Digital Cameras , Notebook Based digital products are also included in the ranks of lower prices.

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