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Planning for a Summer Wedding

Planning for a Summer Wedding

Planning for a Summer Wedding

Here are some top tips when planning a summer wedding.  Keep yourself and your guests cool with a few simple ideas.

Weddings are most popular during the summer months.  The weather is generally perfect with clear sunny skies and warm temperatures.  The sun is great for outdoor functions and wedding ceremonies; however it is important not to have your guests standing in the sun for too long. 

If you wedding ceremony is outdoors or on the beach, guests may have to stand unprotected in the sun when waiting for you to arrive and then for your ceremony.  If you are running late, or the ceremony is quite long guests can become uncomfortable, especially if no drinks are available and no chairs provided to sit on.  Be mind-full of your guests and be accommodating with children, mothers and the elderly. 

Provide some shade for guests with a simple marquee, umbrellas or natural surrounds such as tree foliage.  This will help keep your guests from the harsh summer sun.

Drinks are important to have readily available for guests.  It is very common at weddings where everything has been planned very specifically, however simple provisions are forgotten.

Ensure that water, cool drinks and cups are available for guests.  This will help keep guests cool and hydrated.  Nothing is worse than seeing your Grandfather become unsteady due to the heat. 

Seating is important, even if it will just be for the ceremony.  Older guests can tire easily, so keep this in mind.

Provide some snacks for guests, it does not need to be substantial or cost a lot of money.  Many are busy getting packed and dressed that they forget or don’t have time to eat.  Guests may be more affected with alcohol on an empty stomach.

Enjoy your summer event.  Summer is a beautiful time of the year to celebrate.

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