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Planning a Simple Wedding – A 10 Step Checklist For Keeping Your Wedding Simple

Many couples now of days are considering having a simple wedding.

Who can blame them? Weddings aren’t cheap.

In some cases people are getting married for the second time. They don’t want to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on another wedding.

This guide is a checklist that will help you plan a simple wedding. It’s not complete by any means, but it will help you get started on the right path.

#1: Have A Casual Wedding- Casual could mean different things for different people. For some it may mean wear jeans and a T-shirt. For others it might mean to wear a nice dress, but not a wedding dress. You will have to decide what casual means to you.

#2: Have The Ceremony In The Mourning- Weddings that take place in the mourning are actually very enjoyable. There very effective if you want to keep things small and intimate. You can save allot of money too. Once the ceremony is over you can have a brunch or lunch.

#3: Keep Your Guest List Small- You probably don’t need to have a guest list of 300 people. Stick to inviting your closes family and friends. You can invite others to come to the reception later on in the evening for some dancing, drinking, and finger foods.

#4: A Simple Cake- There are lots of people who are capable of making a good cake as long as you want something simple. You could ask a friend or family member. Another good option is to ask someone who is a member of the church your ceremony is taking place at. A sheet cake is often all you need for a simple wedding.

#5: Use eBay- You can buy your accessories like decorations, candles, and even invitations for cheap at a site like eBay. They are only going to be used once so don’t bother spending lots of money on those things.

#6: Use A DJ- A DJ is rarely as exciting as a band. However, you will get a better variety of music with a DJ. What matters the most is that people start dancing. A DJ is just as good at getting people to dance as a band.

#7: Choose A Great Venue & Location- The best venue for a simple wedding is one that speaks for itself. For example, a beach wedding is simple but gorgeous. The beach says allot on it’s own without much decoration. Pick any location that you enjoy and see if you can have your wedding there.

#8: Eliminate Certain Traditions- Some traditions may not apply to you, your wedding, or your guests. Do you really need to toss the bouquet? Do you really need to have a wedding cake or would you prefer something else?

#9: Use Candles- I highly recommend that you use more candles over flowers. Candles can be very cheap, help set the mood, and offer nice lighting. They really work well for a simple wedding.

#10: Make Your Own Flowers: It’s possible to buy flowers that are in season and then make your own arrangements. There are lots of tutorials online then can show you how to make your flower arrangements.

Would you like a simple, easy, and stress free way to plan your wedding?

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