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Photographing a Wedding

Photographing a wedding is both rewarding and a challenge. New professional photographers may find it a bit intimidating. The article offers a sampling of tried and true tips on how to be successful when shooting a wedding.

1. Arrive early at the wedding location and photograph the wedding dress as soon as possible. There are several reasons for this. First, there is usually not much else going on – no ceremony or ready family members, groomsmen, bride, groom or bridesmaids. In addition, once the bride is dressed, the opportunity to take shots of just the dress has pretty much passed.

2. When photographing the shoes, put the shoes on a glass table with the dress in the background. Clients love this look.

3. Find a mirror in the room where the dress is being stored. Hang the dress in the room in a location where you are able to see it when looking in the mirror. Take a picture of the dress in the mirror. This is another look that clients love.

4. After shooting the details you should then be able to get some shots of the bride getting ready. Get a few shots of make-up application.

5. When shooting bridal portraits try and get a few shots of the bride looking out the window.

6. Look for staircases. Take a few shots on any available staircases. Get a few shots of the bride as she comes down the stairs.

7. When you have the bride, bridesmaids, groom and groomsmen together, orchestrate a “Toyota Shout Jump.” If you are old enough to remember, Toyota had a commercial where the T.V. frame would freeze while the people buying a Toyota would jump for joy. The screen would freeze right at the highest point of the jump. Direct the company to jump all at once and then try and catch them all at the highest point of the leap.

Shooting a wedding is a challenge; but if done correctly can be both fiscally and professionally rewarding. By incorporating some of the above suggestions into a new photographer’s routine, he can have greater assurance that these jobs turn out to be a success.

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