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Job Search – Developing a Plan

It’s too true that you need to plan for almost everything, and that’s exactly right that you need to develop a plan for your job search. If you plan well, it can become easier to find that perfect job because, sadly, it won’t find you.

Developing a Plan

Your job search can be a long process, if you are organised and have a good idea of what your ideal role is going to be then getting that job can be a much simpler task.

Despite our passion to take on ‘perfect’ roles, it pays to set out your goals and what you need to achieve them. How are you going to progress your job search – reading newspapers, visiting agencies or registering and searching online? – perhaps all of the above.

Try to identify the long and the short term actions you need to do in order to get the job you want – is it likely that you will have to retrain? Will you need to find a job quickly whilst you develop new skills? Will you have to reduce your hours to fit in job interviews? – all good questions to ask yourself, and especially good to ask if you are looking to apply for jobs that you are not yet qualified in.

Providing Evidence

You might know how passionate and excited you are about progressing your career and taking on a challenging role, just how you put that in black and white is hugely important.

Your potential employer needs to see your experience and if you don’t have that precise experience they are looking for, then you need to tailor your CV to highlight the sections of your experience that matter in the role. This means creating a new CV (or amending your existing one) each time you apply for a new job. If you do not have the experience but are currently studying for something worth a mention, then make sure you add that to your CV.

Covering Letters

Covering letters are simply the best way to get points across that you can only bullet on your CV. They are a good way to introduce yourself to your potential employer where you can tell them a little about yourself and go a little beyond what you can add to your CV.

Pick out your notable successes to make sure you impress your potential interviewer or employer, planning your time and including a revamp of your CV and covering letter will help you develop your job search and gain from your newly organised approach!

Finally, ensure you plan effectively so that you can take a well earned break from the job searching – it’s a tiring process but one which can reward your future.

Lisette Howlett is an HR consultant who runs a successful HR Consultancy and a recruitment website

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