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Interesting Wedding Stats

Here are some interesting wedding statistics.

The World:

There are, on average, 115,000 weddings each day world-wide.

Las Vegas, Nevada holds the most weddings per year world-wide at 106,000/year.  Istanbul, Turkey comes in second with 92,000 per year.  Gatlinburg, Tennessee is third with 42,000 and New Orleans, Louisiana is fourth with 36,545.

China averages 9 million weddings a year.

Japanese brides spend an average of $ 70,000 on their wedding.

In 2002, Canada held 150,000 weddings.

The United States

Month by order of popularity for weddings:  June, August, May, July, September, October, December, November and April (tie), February, March, January.

Currently, the most popular primary color is blue, usually cool pastel blue.  Of the respondents who chose blue, 13.6% want to pair it with white.

Most weddings occur in the afternoon (53%).  31% are held in the evening, 16% in the morning.

Where receptions are held:  30% churches, 20% hotels, 20% country clubs, 10% each in fraternal halls, private homes, other locations.

Most of the wedding budget is spent on the reception, followed by, in order, the consultant, rings, photography/video, bridal gown, music, flowers, bridal attendants’ apparel, rehearsal dinner, men’s formal wear, invitations, attendants’ gifts, mother of the bride apparel, bride’s veil, clergy and ceremony fees, limousine, and groom’s attire.

Americans spend an average of $ 22,000 on their wedding.

David’s Bridal accounts for 20% of all bridal-gown sales.

Brides average 4.3 bridesmaids per wedding.

Bridesmaids spend an average of $ 1000 for the wedding.

In 2008, Americans held 259,000 destination weddings.  The top locations were the Bahamas, Jamaica, the Caribbean, and the Dominican Republic.

175 guests are invited to the average wedding.

Average age for first marriage: brides 25, grooms 27.5.

Average age for remarriage:  brides 34, grooms 37.

30% of brides spend 7-12 months planning their wedding.

55% of weddings are traditional, 21% unique, 20% casual, and 4% extravagant.

77% of couples pay for their own wedding, 58% receive money from the bride’s parents, 32% from the groom’s parents.

Weddings are a 50 billion dollar a year industry.

The average wedding party has 12 people.

Amount spent on presents from wedding gift registries: $ 19 billion.

Planning resources used:  Family and friends 89%, Internet 77%, Bridal magazines 67%, Bridal event/fair 38%, Wedding planner/consultant 15%.

35% of weddings are held outdoors.

6% of weddings are officiated by a Justice of the Peace.

The average engagement lasts 17 months.

64% of couples live together before marriage.

38% of weddings serve a buffet, 34% a sit-down dinner, 28% only cake and punch.

The top three honeymoon destinations:  the Caribbean, Hawaii, and the Bahamas.



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