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How to Plan a Cheap Wedding

Personality should be the focus of your wedding day, not dollar signs. Understanding how to plan a cheap wedding will allow you to consider unique, cost efficient options that show off who you are and the journey that brought you to the altar. Whether you are trying to represent your humor, your fun side or your sentimental tendencies, there are many options available to the bride and groom looking in the right places. Make it your day marked with your own personality as a couple.

The Rehearsal Dinner

When planning a cheap wedding, consider the alternatives to the traditional sit down dinner. Pizza parties, barbecues and potlucks are all cost efficient options that don’t have to be thought of as cheap. Making your rehearsal dinner a relaxed occasion is a perfect set up for your big day. Pizzas with plenty of toppings to select from along with a few pasta side dishes and one or two salads is a perfect, way to start any party. Soda or even wine and beer can be budget friendly. BBQ’s with picnic fixings like are easy alternatives usually readily available at a local supermarket deli. Another overlooked dinner option is a simple potluck. Friends and family all truly want to be helpful.

Allowing a close family member to bring their favorite dish makes them feel useful and needed. And it might get them out of your hair for a while as they prepare their dishes!

The Cake

The beautiful multi-tier, impeccably decorated cake sitting right in the front window of that little bakery is well out of your budget. Not to mention, you don’t quite have enough guests invited to your party to eat all this cake that costs far more than you really have to spend. There are many bakeries that will provide a decorated cake model that isn’t really cake under the real icing and sugar decorations. It allows a cake decorator more time to create the sugar design you have your heart set on. Without the usual worries of fresh cake, a decorator may reduce their pricing. Usually at least one tier is made from ‘real’ cake that the couple slices in front of their guests. Once the decorative cake is removed from the room, the staff serves pieces cut from a large sheet cake with your selected cake and icing flavors which is kept in the back kitchen to keep your secret your own. When planning a cheap wedding, it is about finding a solution and not simply compromising your party plans.

The Gifts

Personalized gifts such as photo montages of favorite moments shared with a maid of honor or other special member of your party is a unique touch that will last far longer than any other gift they don’t really want or need. Family members like to know what you remember about them, maybe a funny secret you’ve never told them. With such a wide selection of paper patterns and computer fonts available, write them down and frame them as keepsakes. Forget the trinket watches for your groomsmen and instead go for what they really want- your time. Give out IOU plans and a ticket to each buddy for a local event you can all plan to attend together, post nuptials.

One of the most important things to understand when deciding how to plan a cheap wedding, is that you are really intending to celebrate why you are there and who you are there with. Beginning your life together is the focus and getting it off on the right financial foot is crucial. Consider heartfelt, cost efficient options that create a memorable atmosphere for you and your guests.


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