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Home Preparation For a Viewing

If you are planning to sell your house and there was a potential buyer who wanted to have a closer view at it, then being well-prepared for the look is important. It is necessary to ensure that your home is in its best condition when the buyer pays a visit, so that they can imagine their happy life in it and therefore are stimulated to buy it.


There are some preparations that you should begin to do as soon as you decide you want to sell your home since they can take some time. You should perform any repairs that are necessary to make the house as perfect as possible. You may also want to consider redecorating in a more neutral style since simpler colors, furnishings and decorations will attract a wider range of potential buyers. Some buyers whose tastes differ from yours may be distracted or put off by your style. Most buyers like to think that they could move into a house without having to do any repairs or redecoration, even if they are likely to change the style once they do move in.


You should not forget the outside of your house when you are repairing, redecorating and preparing it for a viewing. The exterior of the property will be the first thing that a potential buyer sees when they come to visit the house, and it is also likely to appear in photographs in marketing materials. Make sure that the house and garden are neat, tidy and in good repair.


Once the house itself is ready for a viewing, you should work on your belongings. Get rid of any clutter and take away as many of your personal possessions as you can. If you are able to store your furniture somewhere else, then clear out any unnecessary items. Leave just enough in each room to make its purpose clear. If you are describing a room as a bedroom then it will be a good idea to put a bed in there, even if you have been using it as an office. Make sure you clear out the clutter in your cupboards, closets and wardrobes as well as the more obvious mess because potential buyers can be nosy. Reducing clutter will make your house appear more spacious and it will also prevent buyers from being distracted from the house itself.


Just before an arranged viewing, you should make sure that your house is thoroughly cleaned. If you have pets, this will be particularly important. You should try to keep your pets out of the house and away from the potential buyers, as they may be allergic to pet hair or intimidated by your dog. On the day of the viewing, make sure the house is tidy.

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