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High Style Wedding Inspiration

If you love fashion, glamor, and high style, then your wedding is the perfect time to have fun indulging your glamorous side! There are some easy ways to achieve a very stylish look for your wedding, especially when it comes to your bridal ensemble. This is some fun inspiration for a high style wedding.

A high style wedding is all about elegance and fashion. A perfect place to begin is with your bridal gown. After all, nothing sets the tone at a wedding more than the bride! Look for chic gowns with slim lines. A retro inspired silk charmeuse slip dress would be the height of elegance. Pair it with stacks of cultured pearl bridal bracelets for a fabulous Coco Chanel look.

Another great style for a wedding gown is one with fine haute couture type details (even if your dress is not custom made). Some of the most current trends in the world of fashion include one shoulder gowns, oversized fabric flowers with raw edges, and ruffles. These details are done in a manner that is very feminine, and yet not at all precious or old fashioned. When your dress has bold accents, it is wise to choose your accessories carefully. A long plain veil will not distract from any of the ornaments on the bridal gown, and if you are wearing a one shoulder gown, go for a dramatic set of cultured pearl bridal earrings and bracelets instead of a necklace.

The most stylish look for bridal hair these days is slightly touseled. You may spend hours in the salon to achieve the perfect messy updo, but it should look as though you swept your hair back yourself and tucked it up with a few pins before blithely gliding down the aisle. A wavy soft bun is the perfect complement to a dress with raw edged feminine details. If your gown is more of a 1930s glamor style, choose a more sleek wave for your hair.

Nothing says high style quite like a confident red lipstick. Choose one that has great staying power and pair it with a fresh and clean face. A few coats of mascara and very neutral blush and eyeshadow will prevent the red lipstick from being too bold. (A face that is uniformly made up with strong colors ends up looking garish, like something an aging soap opera star would wear.) Remember that a bride should always err on the side of being fresh and understated over being too contrived or overdone.

As to the wedding itself, the perfect high fashion reception would have to be a cocktail party in the evening. How debonair the gentlemen will look in their dark suits or tuxedos, escorting ladies dressed to the nines. Serve classic cocktails like martinis, along with elegant little appetizers. Choose a really fabulous and chic location for your reception, such as a city loft or a hip art gallery. And don’t forget that a live band is always more stylish than a d.j.

A high style wedding is perfect for a bride who adores all things fashionable and chic. It can be the epitome of sophistication and elegance, as well as an evening that you and your guests will never forget.

Let us know if you need assistance in any area of planning your wedding. Take advantage of Bridget’s experience helping clients select jewelry and accessories. For a fabulous wedding, take your inspiration from stylish designers like Coco Chanel.

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