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Flowery Wedding On A Budget

A wedding is simply not perfect without flowers. From the bridal bouquet to the table centerpieces, flowers absolutely add style and elegance to a celebration as grand as a wedding celebration. Nowadays, bride-to-be’s are becoming more practical than ever, and one of the ways they attempt to save on their wedding is by cutting back on floral expenses without having to compromise on style and beauty.

If you want to cut on flower cost, consider using alternatives. Your bridal bouquet for one can be as elegant as you want it to be even at a lower cost. By using your creativity, you can come up with substitutes for you and the whole entourage’s bouquet. Simply accessorize the bouquet with non-floral elements such as feathers, beads, and even pins. You may also opt for less expensive single-stem flowers like rose and orchids. They may be not as expensive but they surely can compete with style.

Going to the centerpieces, you don’t always have to style them using a full array of flowers. Use alternatives that can give them style even without using flowers. Cypress, cactus, twigs, and even moss can actually act as fillers for your centerpiece. Aside from them, you can also make use of the souvenirs to complete your table centerpiece.

The venue also plays an important factor on your wedding day. It can actually dictate how much you will have to spend on decors. Since your goal is to save on floral cost, choose a venue where you can make use of the natural ambience of the place. A garden for example, is perfect if you don’t want to spend too much on flowers since it doesn’t require a lot of further decorating and designing.

When buying flowers, consider buying in wholesale. That way, you won’t have to waste your time and energy jumping from one supplier to another just to get the things that you need. You can also ask for a bigger discount if you are going to buy in wholesale. In the same manner, don’t buy flowers when it is the peak season and the flowers are in huge demand and sold at a higher price.

As a final point, consider allotting extra budget on what you think should be the center of your wedding decoration. Typically, the main focuses on wedding photos are the bridal bouquet, table centerpiece, backdrop, and the main entrance décor. By doing this, spending on unnecessary things can be avoided.

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