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Finding the Right Wedding Gift

So your friends have finally decided that they wish to spend their lives together, and you just received your invitation to the wedding. As early as now, you should be taking the first steps towards finding the right wedding gift for the soon to be newlyweds.

If this couple is close to your heart in terms of friendship, then the first thing you have to consider is how personal you want this gift to be. After all, when any newlywed couple receives a present, it means more to them when they know it came from their good friend who wishes them well in all their endeavours.

Keeping this in mind, a personalized gift may be a good option such as a plaque or decorative item that you can convey your heartfelt message on by way of engraving. A photograph frame with your words etched on the back may be a good idea, as the couple can actually frame their best wedding photograph and display this on the mantelpiece.

Wedding gifts for friends who are not that close to you but considered you special enough to invite to their occasion may be easier to find. First of all, you have to find out from their wedding coordinator if they have a bridal gift registry. If this is so, then it will eliminate your choices of gifts down to items that they truly will need as they venture out on their new life together.

For those couples who did not sign up for gift registry, then you may need to do a little research to find just the right gift that is appropriate for this event. Generic gifts may end up as double gifts on the wedding day, so in order to avoid this occurrence, it is best to research wisely on a useful and practical gift that the couple will appreciate.

For those work associates who are getting married, this may take a little investigative inquiry. A simple conversation in the office coffee room, or a little honest conversation with the bride or groom’s best friends may be the way to narrow down your options for gift giving. Make things a little easier on yourself and ask those people who would know them a little better to give you a few pointers on what gifts to get.

What if you received an invitation to your employer’s wedding? Perhaps this is an opportune time to dig up your best suit and see if it still fits, but then what about the gift? When buying a gift for your boss’s wedding, try to stay within your means. An extravagant gift is not what the boss is after; he just wants his employees to attend his special day. So, it is best to keep in mind the things that the boss likes to do, such as what sport he plays, or if he has a favourite restaurant he likes to patronize.

Gift checks and vouchers for sports clubs and restaurants make for perfect gifts for couples who enjoy these activities together. It also conveys the message that you are interested in their well being as a couple and that you encourage them to continue spending time together on a mutually interesting activity.

Being resourceful as well as being honest when asking questions are the best attitudes to have when it comes to seeking out the perfect present for people on their wedding day. The more you get to know a couple’s likes and interests, the easier it is to pinpoint a gift that they truly will cherish as they move forward with one of the biggest decisions of their lives.

Danielle Brooks is a freelance writer who loves to entertain. One of her favorite Oneida flatware sets is Oneida Michelangelo, and she likes to use Noritake Stoneware for dinnerware.

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