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Faqs About Chainsaws

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Millions of chainsaws are purchased every year by property owners to cut down trees or trim tree limbs. Some owners use chainsaws just to cut wood for their woodstoves or fireplaces.
What is the best chainsaw to purchase?
The best chainsaw is the one that is most comfortable for the user. Second, consider the need. Third, how often is the chainsaw used? These power tools come in many sizes. The bigger the job, the bigger the chainsaw should be.
Where is the best place to purchase a chainsaw?
The best place to purchase a chainsaw is from a local dealer who can answer all questions about the brand. The dealer can also provide professional service whenever repairs are needed.
Is using safety equipment really necessary?
From the time a chainsaw is started until it is returned to storage there is the potential of being hurt by the chainsaw itself or by the wood. There are approximately 40,000 chainsaw injuries each year. As with any power tool, chainsaws have made life easier for mankind but must be handled with caution. Using safety equipment and getting instructions on the best way to handle them decreases the risk of injury. Users should wear gloves, goggles, and steel-toe shoes.
How is a chainsaw kickback prevented?
Nearly 8% of accidents caused by operating chainsaws are caused by kickback. There are two kinds of kickbacks. One involves improperly using the tip of the bar in a cut that results in loss of control. The other kickback occurs when the tree jumps over the stump towards the chainsaw operator.
To reduce the possibility of the first kickback the center of the blade is used to make cuts. The second kind of kickback is prevented by standing alongside the tree rather than standing in the back of the tree to make the cut.
Is it necessary to mix oil with gas in a chainsaw?
Since chainsaws have 2-cycle engines, it is necessary to add oil to the gas. The oil added to the oil tank acts as a lubricant to the chain. The only lubricant the engine receives is the oil added to the gas.
What is the life expectancy of a chainsaw?
Chainsaws are built to last, even under hard and frequent use. One can expect an average of 10 years of use with proper care and maintenance. Replacement parts are available for most models for up to 10 years.

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