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Fairy Tale Wedding Favors

Your marriage is a real life fairy-tale and you would apparently want to make it as remarkable and as exquisite as possible. A fairy-tale theme is a favorite choice for weddings because everybody wants their marital life to “begin” and “end” like a fairy-tale. If you want to “thank” your guests (for their graces and warmth), then it would be a remarkable idea to give favours that have a miraculous or impulsive inspiration to them.

Cinderella favors or fairy-tale favors aresome of the hottest wedding favors given to the guests. Silver favors may be reckoned as well. Your guests will be caught up in the ecstatic atmosphere with these angelical and glorious favors. A number of ideas can be tried when it comes to wedding favors. For example, you can think of giving rhinestone butterfly or crystal star wine bottle stoppers. Another idea could be to present elegant or classy photo frames.

Silver favors have also attained a lot of popularity during the recent years. Most of them,in reality are made up of stainless but give the show of silver and add a touch of charm and elegance to any wedding. An vantage of giving silver favors is that many of them can be personalized easily. You can even get the names of couplets and their wedding date engraved on the item. It makes the silver wedding favors charming and memorable keepsakes!

Nothing can personify elegance and romance as beautifully as a candle. There are a plethora of designs to choose from. For example, you can opt for the Frosted glass candles with silver heart and rhinestones, Cinderella inspired candles or the very popular rose candles.

Wedding favors are the most beautiful way in which you can thank your guests for “gracing” this wonderful occassion. After all, their bleesings and warmth would certainly make your marriage successful.


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