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Decorative Wedding Favors

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Most Popular Wedding Favors

The most popular wedding favors tend to be edible ones, however decorative favors are increasing in popularity and the range of designs and styles is constantly increasing. If you fancy giving your guests a favor that can decorate their homes then consider some of the following suggestions:

Photograph frames are a popular choice for any kind of wedding favor and come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit most wedding styles. Classically styled frames are more likely to be used again by your guests once they get them home, whilst themed frames, such as Cinderella’s carriage, may be consigned to the spare room or given to the children. However, photograph frames can double up as name card holders to save you money.

Candles and candle holders can be given either separately or as a set. Tea lights make nice favors when combined with a pretty holder, but votive candles work just as well on their own. If you like the idea of scented candles then it may be wise to choose a delicate scent such as vanilla or jasmine rather than something more sophisticated which could be a little overpowering when lit!

Scented sachets are easy to create at home with some fabric and lavender heads or pot pourri. If you attach some ribbon to them they can be hung from handles or bedposts as a decorative piece or hung in the wardrobe to keep clothes smelling fresh.

Coasters have a dual role in that they are both decorative and functional. Many favor stores will stock coasters in a range of designs including some that you can insert photographs into. Look out for boxed sets or for those that come with a stylish chrome holder to store them in.

Paperweights are another wedding favor that have a dual purpose, but even if your guests do not use them for holding papers, they will look fabulous displayed on a shelf or side table. Look out for stunning crystal style versions that sparkle when the light catches them.

Pot plants, flower seedling, seeds and bulbs are either decorative or will be once your guests have planted them! This type of favor has become quite popular in recent years and is fairly inexpensive to buy. Packets of seeds should be easy to grow and maintain varieties, as should flower bulbs. If you give pot plants make sure these too are easy to look after and try to opt for varieties that will flower year after year.

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